Since Global Strategies expanded its operations to Europe, it has achieved a significant presence and a healthy deal-pipeline in the millions of dollars. Through our alliance with the World Trade Center Association we have a trade network in each European nation giving us access to business leaders eager to share in mutually beneficial transactions.

GS has taken a particular interest in the fastest growing regions of Europe: Central and Eastern Europe. The collapse of the Soviet Union unbridled these economies which have, in the past decade, galloped forward. The Baltic States (Lithuania, Belarus, and Latvia), Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, and a number of other nascent democracies are eager to bring in investment and to trade with US companies.

Important sectors throughout Central and Eastern Europe are apparel, cosmetics, information technology, food & beverages, manufacturing, environmental technologies, medical equipment, construction, recreational equipment, travel and tourism, as well as school and office supplies.


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