As all successful business leaders have discovered, there is more to expanding business internationally than simply finding a buyer/seller/partner. There are a host of regulations, laws, tariffs, quotas, product registration, insurance, shipping, taxes, etc. that one must contend with. With our network of partners worldwide and access to professional experts, we strive to make the entire experience as seamless as possible for our clients.

What happens after the first sale or purchase is concluded? Oftentimes there are no follow-on deals because in the international arena, parties tend to get lax, look at other more aggressive partners, or let the inventory sit idle. GS understands these issues and assists clients in aggressively pursuing repeat deals.

In addition, the global marketplace brings unpredictable hurdles that can often frustrate a company's supply chain, place strains on quality management, and create unforeseen logistical dilemmas. We are eager to work with your company using our comprehensive three-step program to address the complexities of international trade before they arise:
  1. Connecting the dots between short-term and long-term strategic planning
  2. International supply chain management
  3. Quality control and regulatory protocol


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