1995:Global Strategies is created by Gregory A. Estevane, J.D. when his legal and trading profession takes him to China. Realizing that the Chinese market holds unrealized opportunities, Estevane spends 5 years in Mainland China, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai and Harbin representing U.S. corporations on various international trade and joint venture projects.

2000-2002: Global Strategies Trading, LLC begins as an extension of the original company after Estevane and other founders begin exploring trade potential in Cuba. Realizing similar possibilities and circumstances as China, GS forms a new team to embark upon trade with Cuba under the newly passed Trade Sanctions Reform Act of 2000. In 2002, GS attends the first US Food & Agribusiness Expo in Havana and assists a major Los Angeles Fish Company in obtaining one of 40 contracts totaling over US $90m. GS make history by becoming the first company to ship seafood from the US to Cuba. GS negotiates, obtains signed contracts and ships California wines, grapes, citrus products, fish and other U.S. products in a series of ‘first ever’ historic trade deals between the U.S. and Cuba.

2003: GS in partnership with the World Trade Center obtains a $10,000,000 trade pact during the first GS/WTCA LA-LB Trade Mission. GS expands presence to Eastern and Central Europe and reestablishes a presence in Asia. GS is awarded the LA MBOC Minority Export Firm of the year in a ceremony by Mayor Hahn of City of Los Angeles.

2004: GS expands and moves new corporate offices to Los Angeles, CA. The United States Department of Commerce awards GS and Estevane the Minority-Owned Exporter of the Year 2004.

2005: Gregory Estevane, J.D. concludes two year negotiations with Cuban buyers culminating in historic shipments of more than 2.5 million pounds of tomato bulk paste from California’s central valley to Cuba.

2006: Gregory Estevane, J.D. enters into negotiations with Libyan State owned enterprises as trade relations are normalized with Libya and the U.S. GS is tasked / contracted by largest U.S. Dental equipment manufacturer and opens negotiations with Cuban buyers for large scale future purchases of U.S. manufactured dental equipment.

2007: Gregory Estevane, J.D. concludes one year negotiation and enters into contracts with Cuba’s buying entity Alimport on behalf of one the world’s largest U.S. Multi-national Corporation for sales of U.S. pork products in both the retail and food service markets of Cuba. Estevane assists major U.S. national health bar company in obtaining a market test by placing U.S. products into the Cuban food service sector to demonstrate sales will occur by the end of 2007 and upon a successful testing, will enter into export contracts in an exciting ‘first ever’ sector.

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