Through extensive research, travel and experience, we believe that face-to-face dialogue is by far the most effective means of communication in order to close a deal. It is for that reason that GS leads annual trade delegations to key regions of the world.

GS does all of the up front legwork for our clients to introduce them to key prematched buyers /sellers/partners abroad in a week of introductions, meetings, negotiations, and hopefully, closing a deal. Please see the list below of upcoming trade delegations.


Europe 2004
Cuba September 2004
China November 2004
Speaker of Calif Assembly Nunez Trade Mission Dec 2004
U.S. Congressperson Linda Sanchez March 28th - April 4th 2005
U.S. Congressperson Lynn Woolsey June 3rd to June 7th 2005
Calif to Cuba Trade Mission October 30th 2005 to November 5th 2005

                        Global Trade Missions 2007:

Cuba - 5-28 to 5-31, 2007

                                    Cuba - Nov 5 to Nov 10, 2007


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