Global Strategies is at the forefront of a reemerging international trade frontier. In recent years it has become clear to American producers that, amidst this backdrop of dried up market streams and unprecedented international competition, it is more critical than ever to discover new markets.

Fortunately, we have seen an economic rebirth in some of the most unlikely places. Formerly weak and inaccessible countries like Poland, Vietnam, Cuba, and China now host burgeoning economies that bring substantial demand for quality products.

GS specializes in market expansion to regions like these for an assortment of products ranging from raw commodities to consumer goods to industrial machinery. It is our goal to provide clients with a reliable export stream and increased revenue flows. Global Strategies offers American businesses a top-notch Trading Team, international offices, innumerable connections, and regular trade delegations. Our broad experience in international business and trade allows us to affordably offer our clients continued success.



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